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High Vibe Journal

Reflection prompts are perfect for tuning into your soul purpose. Helping you see what blockages are there and what you need to heal and grow!

Online yoga & meditation

Welcome to my online yoga studio!

Live weekly classes - meditation and yoga in the comfort of you own home.


Bring your notebook and a pen, find a comfortable seat and prepare your mind and body for an evening of calmness and reflection.

High Vibe Journal

Sign up for bi-weekly journaling prompts. Get to know yourself through personal & spiritual growth. Raising your vibration to experience more beauty in the world.


"I help spiritual curious beings break free from self-doubt,
get confident and live in alignment to their truth & purpose"


Kari is an amazing person and an amazing teacher, if you have the choice to be in her class, you will be lucky to have a gift in your life! Namasté

Paola Reznik



I'm here to tell you that it's room for everyone under the sun. Everyone has a purpose that is equally important as the person next to you. By tuning into your soul's voice, you will be able to see how, and I am here to guide you and hold space.