Helping you feel good about the life you choose

Her purpose is not to guide your body into yoga poses by the book,

it is to help you feel good about yourself and making life more enjoyable.  

Yoga Teacher Training

200hr Hatha, Vinyasa Intensive training at a beautiful château in France. May 5.-21. 2023

Work with me

A 90 day journey for 

breaking free from self-doubt, find confidence and live in alignment with your truth & purpose


Climbing & Yoga Retreat March 3.-9. 2023

Ericeira, Portugal


About Kari

I'm Kari. A full-time yoga teacher and coach, teaching around the world since 2019 and practicing yoga since 2013. Creator of "Soul Purpose Roadmap" - my signature coaching program and hosting International retreats since 2022.

My approach to life is very simple - treat your mind with kindness and life will be amazing. But practicing this, in a world that can be chaotic and overwhelming - is not needed to be done alone. 


Working with me, I guide you to a holistic living in tune with what feels good to you. Helping you listen to what your heart is telling you, letting yourself out of the comfort zone and being confident is what I'm here for! 



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Kari is a gem of a coach! Her way of holding space is absolutely non-judgmental, opening up the possibility for deep exploration, vulnerability, and new insights that can be applied to all areas of life! Paired up with her amazing ability to see things from a birds eye view, bringing in new perspectives, and her authentic, natural presence... time with her is always highly inspirational and uplifting!


She connects you to your truth, sparks you into aligned action and has your back in a very loving and caring way along the way!