Kariqa Yoga


Kari Fjeld


Currently Nøtterøy, Norway

Yoga to me is...

A way of life.

Words to live by..

I usually have a mantra I live by, either a sentence or a word. Here's a few of them

- Always stay curious

- It's always about balance

- Just breathe

- Happy Mind, Happy Planet

A few things I love..

Sunsets, delicious and healthy meals, solo travelling and cinnamon buns


Why Kariqa?

I'm the youngest of four sisters, and one of them used to tease me by saying Kari kaka. When Instagram asked me for a nickname, Karikaka was already taken, so Kariqa it was.

What is Kariqa Virtual Yoga Studio?

Not a regular studio, if there is such a thing. It's located in your own living room, bedroom or backyard. You bring your own props, which usually only consists of a yoga mat. I would recommend having a towel available for shavasana/relaxation. If you join meditation, a pillow or bolster would also make the class more comfy, but not a must. 

My aim for the studio is to share my experience with yoga on and off the mat. Not just for you to be more flexible and relaxed, but also bringing a more positive and loving lifestyle into your day. 

Who am I?

An openminded, positive, outgoing introvert who loves learning new things, relaxing on the beach and getting to know new people. I'm not alway happy, although I usually am. I never say swear words, and I never say no to cinnamon buns. I've been trying to learn Spanish since forever, and my hobbies usually consists of crochet and hiking in nature. Not at the same time.  

Favourite yoga pose..

It changes, but right now its yin mode.. eka pada raja kapotasana // pigeon pose and balasana // child pose while using a bolster and some yoga blocks.