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Main Character Energy

All you need to know on how to Manifest & create Habits out of Self Love.

A 6 week online group coaching program to help you see yourself as

the Main Character in your life. 




.. you had a clear vision on what you want for yourself & how to get there.

.. you knew you are the roots to your own creation. You have the power to build the life you choose.

.. you had full, complete trust in yourself & the universe - to bring you the answer in moments of doubt. 




.. having the feeling of being your own biggest obstacle.

.. feeling the need to prove your worth to friends and family or fit the norms of society.

.. feeling you need to do the work alone without support from a loving community & friends.



Hi there, happy to meet you! Let me share the reason behind this program - how manifestation became such a big part of my life.

First, you don't need to believe in manifestation 100% to join the program. I was not fully trusting when I started. And let me tell you, I did not believe I had the power to create what unfolded. But I do! And so do you.

Hearing how others create magic, simply by wanting it to happen is not the full truth. You have to commit, and work for it. But knowing how to make those steps is what I'm here to help you with.

The tools and knowledge I will share in this program, is first hand experiences for me. And working together in a group will magnitude the effect of your manifestation.


This program does not only tell you the steps - that you can find out through googling or reading a book. What I offer is a step by step way that I have full trust works, because I have seen in first hand multiple times. And I'm so excited to guide you on your way to living a life as the Main Character you are.



I know living your purpose is not something magical and it's not a myth. I know your purpose is a feeling you already possess, but getting there is what I am here to support you with.

Main Character Energy was created when the more I worked with 1:1 clients - the better I saw how many of our fears comes from not belonging, and believing we have to do it all by ourselves. That is the opposite of the truth. When we come together, we build on each-others compassion & love. 

I have been there too, but I also know my journey is not the same as yours. No comparison, no judgement. 


I teach you how to listen to your inner truth, let go of expectations and limiting self-beliefs. 

I give you the everyday tools I use myself. Simple, easy and life-changing tools & techniques. 

I create a safe & supportive atmosphere throughout your soul purpose journey. 

I understand you and how important it is for you to feel the sense of belonging in your own truth. For you to follow and live your purpose is my ultimate goal and it is a deep passion of mine to see you thrive!


Main Character Energy starts with an onboarding sheet, followed up by a personalised e-mail to welcome you to the team. Team meaning you do the work, I just guide you and support you, along with the other team members. You never have to share anything in the calls, but in case you want - there will be space and time for that every week.

Week 1
Foundation of Trust

Learning to trust the laws of the universe, so that you can trust your path and live in the present.

Week 3
Being the Main Character

Recognising yourself as the main character, so that you can feel worthy of & be confident in the life you choose.

Week 5
The magic of Action

Creating a momentum, so that you can make your dreams into a soul-fulfilling life! 

Week 2
Tuning in

Tuning in with yourself, so that you can be, feel and know your energy & how to balance it.

Week 4
Mindset shift

Being mindful of your thoughts, what you want, need or "should" , so that you can let go of conditioned thinking.

Week 6
I am here

 Knowing how to set boundaries for yourself & how to step out of your comfort zone, so that you can live out of love, not out of fear.




Following the program with Kari led me to understand myself in a deeper way. She supported me through a difficult season of my life . With an open heart she helped me to understand the importance of investing in myself, how to embrace and enjoy the journey that is life accepting and the ups and downs and finding new perspectives and opportunities in the adversity.

Screenshot 2021-07-19 at 15.58.41.png


Kari is a gem of a coach! Her way of holding space is absolutely non-judgmental, opening up the possibility for deep exploration, vulnerability, and new insights that can be applied to all areas of life! Paired up with her amazing ability to see things from a birds eye view, bringing in new perspectives, and her authentic, natural presence... time with her is always highly inspirational and uplifting!


She connects you to your truth, sparks you into aligned action and has your back in a very loving and caring way along the way!

Screenshot 2021-08-06 at 13.56.48.png


The coaching with Kari has helped me very much to put aside all doubts and to continue to follow my dream. Although I consider myself very reflective and have already talked to many about the subject, Kari managed to ask me questions that I had never thought about. In doing so, she showed me completely new ways to believe in myself and gave me the courage I needed to turn my plans into reality. Kari is an extraordinary person, you immediately feel comfortable with her and accepted by her with all your feelings. She is simply a wonderful soul and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who wants to finally go after their dreams.


Main Character Energy is a 6 week online group coaching program specialised to teach you

the Power of Manifestation & how to create Habits of Self Love

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