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Soul Purpose Roadmap

A 90 day journey for spiritual curious beings to

break free from self-doubt, find confidence and live in alignment with their truth & purpose




.. you knew exactly what your purpose was, how to overcome the fear of failure & fear of success.

.. you had full clarity on what steps to take in order to live your truth, feeling the safety of having someone holding space & guide you on your journey.

.. you had the life you dream of, everything aligned and an abundance of joy, love, freedom and knowing exactly what to do in moments of stress & self-doubt.




.. having the feeling of being your own biggest obstacle.

.. feeling the need to prove your worth to friends and family or fit the norms of society.

.. self-doubt, stress or a feeling of overwhelm that keeps you from taking action and living the life you so badly want and deep down know you are worthy of!



The dream of living a life where work doesn't feel like work sounds, too good to be true. Believing that it's needed to work hard to live good.. 


There is this common belief that life is supposed to be lived a certain way, and going outside of these norms is only for the few and chosen.


The belief of what other people think is more important than being truly happy. Cause what will other's think? 


Believing that living their purpose calls for extreme change and needing to go outside of their comfort zone is not worth it.


But you know what? This doesn't need to be your truth.

Feeling worthy of joy, love, money and inner peace is your birth-right. Just take a moment to breathe, close your eyes and ask yourself what you need right now to feel supported and if knowing & living your purpose is where your dreams are taking you.



Hi there, happy to meet you! Let me share the reason behind this program - how my soul purpose unfolded. 

My quest to live my purpose has always been with me. But I wasn't sure if living my purpose was possible. I had an idea of what it was, but I was having a lot of self-doubt. 

I spent lots of time harvesting knowledge and seeking answers by watching what others were doing, instead of taking action and stepping into my soul purpose.


Once I stopped caring what other might think of me and my choices, I launched my online yoga & meditation studio and hired a coach. What was going to be my saviour was actually within my reach. Tuning in with my heart, exploring my wants & my blockages, embracing my whole self and expressing my truth to actually step into the life I was meant for. 

I found my purpose in helping other's overcome their obstacles of self doubt, to truly go after and live their purpose. Which is why I created this Roadmap for you to save time and feel supported, cause let's admit it, it's a jungle of information out there!



I know living your purpose is not something magical and not a myth. I know your purpose is a feeling you already possess, but getting there is what I am here to support you with.

I have been there too, but I also know my journey is not the same as yours. That's why we go at your pace, with focus on where you need support right now.

I teach you how to listen to your inner truth, let go of expectations and limiting self-beliefs. 

I support you by holding space and listening without judgment. We all have a story, and I'm here to listen to yours without any comparisons. I focus 100 % on where you're at and not where you're "supposed" to be.


I give you the everyday tools I use myself. Simple, easy and life-changing tools & techniques. 

I create a safe & supportive atmosphere throughout your soul purpose journey. 

I understand you and how important it is for you to feel the sense of belonging in your own truth. For you to follow and live your purpose is my ultimate goal and it is a deep passion of mine to see you thrive!


When working with me, we start with a zoom call. We plan the right steps for you and how I can support & guide you through the journey below..


Screenshot 2021-05-20 at 11.43.52.png


Kari has a calm and warm radiance. She is genuinely interested in sharing her passion for yoga with others! After every session with her I'm left with lots of good energy and better self-esteem! No matter what level you are at, Kari makes you feel safe and well with yourself throughout the class.

Screenshot 2021-07-19 at 15.58.41.png


Kari is a gem of a coach! Her way of holding space is absolutely non-judgmental, opening up the possibility for deep exploration, vulnerability, and new insights that can be applied to all areas of life! Paired up with her amazing ability to see things from a birds eye view, bringing in new perspectives, and her authentic, natural presence... time with her is always highly inspirational and uplifting!


She connects you to your truth, sparks you into aligned action and has your back in a very loving and caring way along the way!

Screenshot 2021-08-06 at 13.56.48.png


The coaching with Kari has helped me very much to put aside all doubts and to continue to follow my dream. Although I consider myself very reflective and have already talked to many about the subject, Kari managed to ask me questions that I had never thought about. In doing so, she showed me completely new ways to believe in myself and gave me the courage I needed to turn my plans into reality. Kari is an extraordinary person, you immediately feel comfortable with her and accepted by her with all your feelings. She is simply a wonderful soul and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who wants to finally go after their dreams.


Soul Purpose Roadmap is a 3 months long intensive coaching program personalised you and your journey to live your purpose, without feeling overwhelmed.


Are you ready to work together? Click the button below to book your discovery call with me! During the call I will get to know you better and ask you questions regarding your dreams and future vision.

By the end of the call one of two things will happen..
You fit perfectly into my program and I will invite you to work with me.

OR we don't match. Which is also perfectly fine. In that case I'll guide you in the right direction of a path that aligns more with you and wish you love and abundance on your journey.

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