Journaling Meditation


June 23rd

July 21st


May 26th

Do you overfeed your mind with input? Learning and staying curious is good, but do you also allow your mind to rest?

Do you feel aligned to the rhythm of the universe? Or do you feel a stress that seems to return every time you “do nothing” for five minutes?

Your mind wants to communicate with you, it wants you to feel good, and live your dreams. But when we’re constantly feeding our mind, we tend to overlook what our mind actually is hungry for. 

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What is journaling meditation?

Journaling meditation is a form of meditation where you let you subconscious mind talk and share. Instead of thinking of what is the smartest thing to do, we listen to what our heart and intuition is sharing.

There is always a topic of the meditation. You will be guided through a grounding meditation, where the topic of the reflection later will be introduced. 

After getting in tune and aligning yourself to the vibration of receiving and listening. You will be given open questions to feel into and then write it all down.

Everything from 5 to 15 questions will be give you. What you are yearning for, what is holding you back, what to do first, how to celebrate, how do you feel once you receive what you want.

Bring your notebook and a pen, find a comfortable seat and prepare your mind and body for an evening of calmness and reflection.

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We rarely give ourselves time to sit down with ourselves without distractions to reflect on how we're doing and what we want.

Give yourself a break to reflect and plant some seeds.

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