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I'm here to hold space for you. Whatever you are seeking or holding back on, I am here to help and guide. Together we will find what your next steps are on your journey.


What is holding you back from living the life you dream of? 

✧Doubting your worth and lack confidence?

✧Not sure what your purpose is?

✧Just feeling lost?

✧You know you're ment for something more?

Where do you want to be?


✧Trusting and loving yourself.

✧Feeling safe and home in your own being.

✧Being in contact with your intuition.

✧Building your dream life!

✧A life without stress and hassle.

✧Let's go!


I specialise in personal & spiritual practices that help you live in alignment with your truth & purpose. 

Working with me is a safe and welcoming environment where the focus is on you and what feels right for your heart and soul.

I offer 4 to 12 week packages <3

1:1 Session Submission Form

Please fill out the submission form & I will contact you for a free discovery call. 

Do you already know you want a 3 month package?

Thanks for submitting! I'll email you shortly!

About Me: About Me

What happens after I send in the form?

After filling out the form, I will get back to you through e-mail to arrange the first session with a follow up zoom link. You will receive an e-mail within 48h.


How does the sessions work?

✧During our first meeting the purpose is to get to know each other better to see if our vibes meet. You don't need to prepare yourself for anything. Come as you are.

✧ At the end of the session we will know what the next step will be.

✧ All sessions are personalised for you. Meditation, reiki or what you need right now and in between the weeks is something we find out together.

✧ You are here to grow, I am here to show you that you already have the light you need to bloom. 

What can I come to you for?

✧ If you seek a higher vibration - want to get to know your souls purpose.

✧ If you're struggling with seeing what is holding you back, what is blocking you.

✧ If you know what you want and what is holding you back, but not sure what to do next.

✧ If you want someone to listen without being judged or getting told what to do.

✧ If you want to deepen your yoga practice.

✧ If you want to find personalised tools and techniques that works for you.

✧ If you want to practice self love, find self worth and improve your confidence.

Why a 3-month package?

✧ Even though you will see results after the first session, deeper results happens over time. 

✧ Ever heard "consistency is key"? Having a consistent practice over time will make the growth more impactful. 

✧ Whatever you want to achieve in life,  it takes practice to get good at it. And to peel off all those layers of armer, protecting you from showing your authentic self, is not done in one day.

✧ Studies also show that consistent practice over 12 weeks give a much higher results of change that lasts. And trust me, once you find your souls purpose, 12 weeks will feel like a small investment. 

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